Marriage BootCamp

This is a 6 session seminar intended to help you understand how a gospel-centered Christian worldviewMarriage Bootcamp should shape and inform your marriage. Developed by the pastors/elders of Damascus Road Church, the material is designed to promote formative conversations for the mature Christian, new Christian, or non-Christian who is preparing, entering, or currently in a covenant marriage.

• Deepen your grasp of the gospel and see your need for continual renewal in your marriage.
• Develop an understanding that the most difficult parts of marriage (identity, communication, finances, and intimacy) are, at the root, heart-level issues.
• Be challenged in practical ways that help you grow together as a couple, loving and serving each other sacrificially and unconditionally.
• Be equipped to glorify God as fully as possible through your marriage.

Download Marriage Booklet

Week 1:  God in Marriage

Week 2:  Words in Marriage

Week 3:  Roles in Marriage

Week 4:  Sin in Marriage

Week 5:  Money in Marriage

Week 6:  Sex in Marriage