Past Sermon Series

Matthew | King is Born (Study Guide)

Malachi | Rhetorical God  (Study Guide)

ONE | The First Letter to the Corinthians (Study Guide)

GIVE: He Gave; We Give (Christmas 2012)

The Book of Judges: {Un}Faithful | Part 1 0f 2 (Study Guide)

The Book of Judges: Still {Un}Faithful | Part 2 of 2 (Study Guide)

Teach us to Pray | The Lord's Prayer 

The Book of Ruth | Hope

Paul & _________(Family Traits)

Colossians:  Mystery    (Study Guide

Advent 2011 | 3Kings     (Worship Guide)


Letters of John | ASSURANCE  (Study Guide)

Easter 2011 | TORN     (Lent Family Worship Guide)

The Book of Joshua |  The LORD'S Army  (Study Guide)

Advent 2010    (Worship Guide)

The Summer Parables  (2010)

The Letter of 1st Timothy | CHARGE   (Study Guide)

HABAKKUK   | Faith in a Soveriegn God  (Study Guide)


James | Retro-Faith  (Study Guide)

Songs of Summer |  A Study of the Psalms

Exodus Part 1: A God With a Name

Exodus Part 2 & 3:  God's Law and Dwelling

Easter 2009:  Roads to Resurrection

Family Traits | Gospel Truth, Gospel Community, Gospel Living

Redemption | Saving the world from "church

The Gospel of John

The book of Jonah | I am Jonah

Reforming Sexuality 

The Letter to the Galatians