Sermon Series: Mystery - Colossians

 For thousands of years, God’s plan for redemption remained a mystery.  God revealed His Holinesssmall_mystery through His law but His Justice remained enigmatic.  That’s because God’s will and His ways are not found in a set of precepts; His complete expression is found in the man Jesus Christ. 

Since Jesus’ death and resurrection, many false teachers have come claiming that Jesus is only part of the answer to our spiritual problems.  Heretics in Colossae argued that devotion to Christ alone was not enough and that something in addition to faith in Him was needed.

Not only did these kinds of lies threaten the young church in Colossae, they continue to threaten the church today.  Paul’s letter is a brilliant and timeless response written to authoritatively set forth the Supremacy and Sufficiency of Jesus, realized through a Christ-centered life. 

Today, other priorities (even important and good ones) compete for our focus.  The urgency of living in the “here and now” all too often seems to trump the urgency of living for Christ.  In response, we find Paul’s letter presenting Christ as the Creator, Christ as Ruler, and Christ as the all-sufficient answer for every problem or pursuit in life. His letter is a theological assault on anyone, past or present, who attempts to offer Jesus Christ as only part of the answer.


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Week 1 - Colossians 1:1 - 1:2 "Intro"

Week 3 - Colossians 1:9 - 1:14 "Mystery of Prayer"

Week 4 - Colossians 1:15 - 1:20 "Mystery of the Supremacy & Sufficiency of Jesus"

Week 5 - Colossians 1:21 - 1:23 "Mystery of Reconciliation"

Week 6 - Colossians 1:24 - 2:5 "Mystery of our Maturity"

Week 7 - Colossians 2:6 - 2:15 "Mystery of Life in Jesus"

Week 8 - Colossians 2:16 - 2:23 "Mystery of our Death to the World (Two Ditches)"

Week 9 - Colossians 3:1 - 3:4 "Mystery of a Mind on Jesus" (Seek & Set)

Week 10 - Colossians 3:5 - 3:11 "Mystery of a Mind on Jesus" (Mortification)

Week 11 - Colossians 3:12 - 3:17 "Mystery of a Mind on Jesus" (Vivification)

Week 12 - Colossians 3:18 "Mystery of Family" (Wives)

Week 13 - Colossians 3:19 "Mystery of Family" (Husbands)

Week 14 - Colossians 3:20 - 3:21 "Mystery of Family" (Children)

Week 15 - Colossians 3:22 - 4:1 "Mystery of Work"

Week 16 - Colossians 4:2 - 4:6 "Mystery of Evangelism"

Week 17 - Colossians 4:7 - 4:18 "Mystery of Mission"