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James | Retro-Faith

Today, the word “retro” is most often used in a positive sense, referring to quirky or attractive products or trends that are no longer available. Retro-faith seeks to explore faith as James understood it back in the 50s…A.D. The practical outworking of our faith has changed since James wrote his letter—and not all for the better. A spiritualized culture with an ambiguous “faith in God” has bled over into a once distinct faith in Jesus Christ. Christianity is not lived out by Christians and therefore not viewed by Non-Christians as radically life-changing. If we’re honest, Christians rarely think, look, or sound much different than non-Christians in how they live, separated more by their tribal language and cultural traditions than by their lifestyle. In the pursuit of cultural relevance to the world and personal liberty, Christians have abandoned the basics of godly living, actions which confirm true faith, as old fashioned or outdated. In this study, we intend to re-establish the essential practices of what it means to called a Christian. We will not develop new spiritual disciplines for a more progressive Christian faith, rather, we will look backward and make that which is old new again—a Retro faith.

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November 29, 2009

James 4.4-10: Friends and Enemies

Speaker: Christopher Rich Series: James | Retro-Faith Topic: New Testament Passage: James 4:4–4:10