Jesus Christ is the Leader and Head of His Church.

Jesus Plants and Builds His Church.

Jesus Pastors and Shepherds His Church. 



Locally, Mercy Fellowship has a leadership team of Elders who are charged to Lead, Teach, Care, Pray, and Protect the church. This team includes: 

Christopher Rich | Lead Pastor - Elder

Matt Nickel | Associate Pastor - Elder 

Al Muzzy | Elder

Curtis Hall | Elder Apprentice 


Our staff team helps execute, encourage, and empower our fellowship to purse the mission and vision of our church. This team includes:

Cassandra Johnson | Administration 

Garrett Hall | Music

Melissa Clarke | Hospitality 

Melanie Matheson and Shandace Robertson | Mercy Kids 

Reshma McClintock | Mercy Women

Ruth Hall | Mercy Youth

William Walker | Media


In addition to our local leadership and staff we are blessed to be served by an Advisory Team of experienced pastors from the Acts 29 Network who lead churches in our region. This team loves our church by providing wise counsel, accountability, care, and encouragement for our Leaders and Staff. This team consists of the following members

Matt Porter | Outward Church | Salem, OR

Rob Steinbach | Seaside Church | Bremerton, WA 

Dr. Paul Dean | Soma Eastside | Issaquah, WA 

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