At Damascus Road we believe the Bible teaches that God values men and women equally. We also believe, however, their roles in home and church are complementary to each other, not interchangeable. When churches or individuals confuse the divinely designed roles of men and women, we do more than adopt a popular, but erroneous position. How we live out our biblical manhood and womanhood, for better or worse, speaks to our grasp of theology-our understanding of who God is. Our actions prove to be either true reflections of God, or false ones. DR Women

We recognize and glory in the fact that God made men and women to learn and think differently. Women and men face different, but equally difficult life issues. Our church desires to see godly women experience that sense of captivating beauty that comes from faith in Jesus Christ. As such, we aim to equip all women first with the gospel, then with a deeper understanding of who she is in Jesus as a woman, a wife, and a mother.

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